Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WFMW - No More Morning Madness (Back to School Tips)

Your school mornings, are they chaotic or calm? Here are a few tips for you that have worked for me.
During dinnertime, discuss your child’s day. What do they need from you for their next school day/week?
Plan ahead. Your children will have a happy start to their day. And so will you. Do these things the night before school:
- Set the breakfast table after you clear the dinner dishes. Plan to sit with your children at breakfast.
- Lay out children's clothing, or have them do it for you to double check, this includes socks, shoes, belts, hair items, and everything they will wear/need. Don’t forget to check the weather. Is their outer clothing ready and together?
- Pack lunches or provide lunch money.
- Permission slips, notes to Teacher, signed/written.
- Is everything in the backpack? Check.
This leaves few essential things to be done in the morning.

For more back to school tips check out Kristens blog, Works for Me Wednesday @ We are THAT Family.

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