Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There Really Is A Santa Claus! The Giveaway

You have until December 20, 2009! Have you seen this? I love this product! It is so special and will be treasured by your family in years to come. Give your child the chance to still believe.

Place Santa in your living room, delivering presents to your children. Create living proof there IS a Santa - and he was in your home. Go here to read more.

Now for the great news .. be one of the first 25 customers to receive a free photo from All you need to do is submit your iCaughtSanta photo by 12-20-08 and include “sleeplessinwisc” in the subject line.

Pass this along to all the Mom's you know. Hurry - its almost Christmas!


Karen said...

What a cute idea!

wfbdoglover said...

That's cute!! I have an 11 year old that either believes or makes me think he still does. We talk about the Birds and the Bees and Drugs - no problem but about St. Nick, Santa and the Easter Bunny, I just can not bring myself to tell him. He has asked me over the years and I give him round about non-direct answers, without telling any lies. I think as a parent, watching their joy is the best part of being a parent!

Queen B. said...

waaaaay cute !!!!!!!!!11

JanMary said...

Great idea!

Dawnie said...

I love this idea but I dont understand your giveaway.

I want to go get a picture of my sons living room and then do this. I would want it printed on good paper though. I have to go look to see how to get a good copy of this.
My 8 yr old grandaughter is not believeing anymore so this would be neat.

JEWEL said...

Dawnie: the giveaway is ... the first 25 people who contact the company via email (go to their site) (put sleeplessinwisc in the subject line) and ask for a complimentary photo. If you are one of the first twenty five to do this, your photo will be indeed free. That is my giveaway - free photos to the first twenty five - compliments of