Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Read This Post - The Mother Letter Project

In Honor of Mothers Everywhere: The Mother Letter Project

What is a Mother Letter?

Simply stated, a Mother Letter is a letter from you, to another mother. You may share a story—no matter how raw or difficult. You may share your concerns or worries—no matter how foolish they may seem. You may share your wisdom—no matter how you came by it. Share your mother story; your Mother Letter. The only request? Start the letter “Dear Mother” and sign it (electronically, of course).

What's The Story?

For most of us, Christmas day of 2007 came and went. It was the typical American Christmas—gizmos, gadgets, whatnots, and an oversized helping of turkey. For one man, two days and a transatlantic flight later he stood in a small other-continental village regretfully pondering his extra helping of Christmas turkey and all of the materialism. I decided that things would be different in 2008.

This year, his wife and their extended families have decided to give a Christmas present to that little village. We want to spread our wealth, meager as it may be. We have decided to create presents for each other and donate the difference to their friends in the small village.

And here is where you come in.

Danny is creating his wife’s Christmas present-the Mother Letter Project. Simply stated, he is collecting a series of “open letters” from mothers, to mothers. Share your stories—no matter how raw or difficult. Share you concerns—no matter how foolish they may seem. Share your wisdom—no matter how you came by it. Share your mother story. The only request? Start the letter “Dear Mother” and sign it. Danny will compile all of the letters in a Christmas book for his wife. If you share a letter here or by email (motherletter@gmail.com) before Christmas, you'll get your own copy of all the letters. Just include your email address by which he can contact you. This you may share as you please – an opportunity to create for Christmas, Mothers Day or her Birthday.

You may submit your Mother Letter here, at http://www.motherletter.blogspot.com/ or email it to motherletter@gmail.com

Please do this favor to me - please post any or all of this post on your blog – to spread the word. This could become something very wonderful for all Mother’s. Please feel free to use the bottom and post it on your blog as well.


Karen said...

Hi Jewel! I always wondered how to make a post sticky and when I finally researched it, it was so simple!

1. Write and publish the post as usual.
2. "Edit" the post.
3. Click on "post options"
4. Change the "post date" to a date in the future.

So, if I wanted to make this a stick post for two weeks, I'd just change the post date to two weeks ahead.

Thanks for stopping by!

Queen B. said...

oooo ....THANK THE LORD FOR THAT COMMENT.....I SWEAR, I was out x-mas shopping, and had a really BAD day- just logged on, and thought I had a blasted STROKE while I was out......... I was running all over my house looking for a calendar.......how did it get to be dec 21st ????????
Ok, I need a TALL GLASS OF WINE NOW.........BUT, off to guitar lessons with 2 teenagers......yipee.........
Jewel......I'd love to know how to post an award,.........i feel like a dork !!