Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning By Default - The Over Scheduled Kid

Just how much is too much? I am talking about the extra activities many kids are involved in. Now that school is in full swing and homework is being piled on are we setting our kids up for failure? What do you think is an appropriate amount of activities in any given week?

Do we live our dreams through our children to a fault? A good portion of all the running around is only to find out it is not what works. Part of learning what a child is – is learning what they are not. It’s like thinking you want to be a ballerina until you discover how hard it is to be a ballerina. Then we move on to the next "sport" or club.

As much as we want to involve our kids in everything possible, I feel we are also sacrificing time for them to just absorb and regroup. After all is said and done, will they remember the activity or will they just remember how crazed their parent was everyday just to keep up?

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wfbdoglover said...

I think kids are way over scheduled. Homework is obviously first. We have Boy Scouts every Monday now, with extra activities and a campout every month.

We will start swimming at the end of October, but will add nothing else until swimming is finished.

We also have go kart racing, the season is from April until October and started this summer. We have only gone to two races so far, our third this weekend. Then the season is over. We won't have swim lessons or anything else when we have racing.