Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tea Sandwiches for a Crowd

When you need to make small tea sandwiches for a crowd, here is a general guideline.
The following amounts make enough sandwiches for 300 people, about 800 small sandwiches in total! Now this is for a Tea NOT a Luncheon. This will allow about 3 small sandwiches per person. Suitable for an afternoon Wedding, Funeral, or a Social Tea at a School or a Church.
Amounts that you will need for Finger, Ribbon or Rolled sandwiches.

12 large sandwich loaves, sliced lengthwise, (get the bakery to do this) order ahead of time 6 white and 6 brown loaves and have them sliced to order.
A variety of fillings.
4 dozen eggs, hard boiled - make a filling with salad dressing and seasonings.
1 lb. of ham or roast beef, ground - mix with salad dressing, ground sweet pickles and a little bit of pickle juice.
1 1/2 lbs. cream cheese - Mix with salad dressing, spread on bread, sprinkle with well drained chopped maraschino cherries. Make into rolls. (Need 12 oz. jar red, 6 oz. jar green cherries)
1 1/2 lbs. Velveeta - Mix with salad dressing, make into rolls with dill slices or olives, (takes about 4 per slice)
3 tins of shrimp - Mix with salad dressing, roll.
2 large tins of salmon - mix with chopped celery, salad dressing and seasoning. Roll centered with a well drained dill spear.
These should be tightly rolled in wax paper (it seems to keep them better than plastic wrap) and refrigerated until cut. Makes approx. 800 tiny sandwiches.
For a Tea, you will also need: Small bite sized cookies or squares (bars) approx. 3 per person. If a volunteer project, 25 people each bringing 3 doz. dainties will do it.

Also required:
2 lbs. tea
3 lemons sliced thinly (to serve with the tea)
3 lbs. sugar cubes
3 quarts of cream or milk
1/2 gallon sweet pickles
1/2 gallon dill pickles

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wfbdoglover said...

I had an afternoon tea party once. It was a lot of fun..... but a lot of work!

This has some great ideas - I may try them sometime!